SIP Top-Up Calculator

Last updated May 22, 2022
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SIP Top-Up Calculator


Achieve your financial goals faster with SIP Top-Up

What is SIP Top-up in Mutual funds Investments?

A mutual funds allows investors to top-up their SIP investments with a fixed percentage every year.

What is SIP Top-Up Calculator?

A SIP Top-up Calculator helps the investor to know how much monthly investment is required to achieve the desired corpus.

Why should you opt for SIP Top-Up in your investments?
  1. It helps to increase your corpus with your increase in income.
  2. It gives you an opportunity to accumulate more wealth within the same time period.
  3. It also helps to achieve your financial goals much faster than a fixed SIP amount.

SIP Top-Up Calculator Microsoft Excel

Sometimes we don’t want to calculate the SIP Top-Up amount online, Then We need an offline calculator. Microsoft Excel will help to do complex financial calculations easily.

Download Excel based SIP Top-Up calculator Now.

Formulas Used in Online and Excel Based SIP Top-up Calculators

Formula of Future value of Step-up or Top-up SIP where growth and return are different
Formula of Future value of Step-up or Top-up SIP where growth and return are same
Formula of Future value of Step-up or Top-up SIP where growth is fixed amount

Want to calculate the future value of step-up sip or growing annuity, use our step-up sip calculator

You may have doubt about our sip top-up calculator’s calculation. You want to crosscheck with another website whether the sip top-up amount is correct or not. I would recommend using ICICI mutual funds sip top-up calculator.

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