Step-Up SIP Calculator

Last updated May 22, 2022
Future value of Growing annuity formula, Step Up or Top Up SIP Formula

No one will tell you to create more wealth with top-up or step-up your investment every year. Why do you need to increase your investment for a specifice goal?

It helps to achieve goal amount faster and you will have higher value of your investment.

Step-Up Sip Calculator

Online or spreadsheet will be used to know the future value of step-up SIP investment.

Step-Up SIP Calculator, in investment term or finance terminology, it is called future value of growing annuity (begin or end), Here begin or end means mode of payment.

Advanced level calculation used for customized financial planning. This type of calculation mainly used by CFP (Certified Financial Planner) Practioners (By FBSB India), SEBI RIA (Registered Investment Adviser) or IFA (Independent Financial Advisor) , CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), Mutual funds distributors, Wealth Managers, Private Wealth companies.

There is no spreadsheet or excel formula to calculate this, but we can also use excel or spreadsheet to calculate future value of step-up sip.

Investors will achieve their goals faster, they may accumulate more corpus in future. Due to income increasing, you will be able to save more or increase your SIP investment amount subsequent years.

SIP Step-up calculation includes future value of growing annuity (begin) formula.

Formulas for growing annuity or SIP top-up or step-up

Formula of Future value of Step-up SIP where growth and return are different
Formula of Future value of Step-up SIP where growth and return are same
Formula of Future value of Step-up SIP where growth is fixed amount

Suppose you want to accumulate a retirement corpus and want to know sip top-up amount. Go to our sip top-up calculator to know the exact sip top-amount.

Cross-verify, whether the calculator is financial calculations for the future value of step-up sip, is correct or not. I would recommend to check this calculation in excel or spreadsheet or google sheets.
Other online calculators do not give accurate sip step-up future value.

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By Devendra Negi

Devendra Negi is a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser and Certified Financial Planner from Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. He helps individuals to achieve their financial goals through fee-only or advice-only financial planning and investment advice. He is a fee-only (advice-only) financial advisor and does not sell any financial products.


  1. Lokesh name is Lokesh. I started investing 30months over in sip .Nippon small cap fund growth .1000rs monthly .
    Pls give me any suggestion .
    And also I want to make 1crore. In 15years .Pls give idea .wear to invest .I am waiting for replay.

    • Devendra Negi

      Dear Lokesh,
      Increase your SIP amount whenever your income increases.
      You need to diversify your investment (don’t put all eggs in one basket)
      To reach a 1 crore amount in 15 years, you should know inflation will decrease its value.
      Hence 1 crore INR will be worth 48 lacs after 15 years considering a 5% inflation rate.
      To invest only in small-cap funds is a risky bet.
      Appreciate your comment.

  2. Regula venkatesh

    Hi sir, I have invested tata resource and energy fund it’s good for long term upto 25years Or not please tell sir, I can invest 4000rs per month.

    • Devendra Negi

      Hello Regula Venkatesh, It is very difficult to predict whether funds will give your expected returns. Do a goal-based investment. Index funds will reduce the difficulty to choose mutual funds. I would also recommend hiring any fee-only financial planner from freefincal website or feeonlyindia website. I assume that you are investing in a Direct plan and not investing in a regular plan. Tata Resource and Energy funds is a thematic fund that invests currently in the shares of companies in energy sector companies and natural resources sectors. You mentioned your goal time horizon is 25 years. I can say that you are investing Rs 4000 for your long-term goals like retirement planning.
      I suggest you invest your savings as per asset allocation or have an investment in multi-assets. Don’t rely only on past returns data. You may or may not get the same returns in the future.
      There is a lot of behavioural issue with investing. First, we choose where to invest rather than why should we invest?

      • Regula venkatesh

        Thank you sir

        • Devendra Negi

          Feel free to ask anything related to Investment, Retirement, Insurance, and Individual income tax which impacts individual personal finance.

  3. Devendra Negi

    Hello Santhosh,
    You can make crores in mutual funds by selling mutual funds (Become a mutual funds distributor after clearing NISM-Series-V-A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination and get ARN (AMFI Registered Number) along with other financial products within 10 years.
    If you want to make crores of returns in mutual funds within 10 years, it depends on how much is your investment amount and your returns generated in mutual funds.
    USE Negi Financial step-up/Top-up SIP calculator in excel to know your monthly investment for your targeted goal amount.
    If you confused about financial planning and want to hire unbiased financial advisors who do not sell any financial products. You may consider talking to Devendra Negi(Founder of Negi Financial and SEBI Registered Investment adviser in Dehradun, Uttarakhand). You can also check the advisor list in freefincal fee-only financial advisers and feeonlyindia website. All the best for your investment journey!!!

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