IIBF Digital Banking Certification Mock Test

IIBF (Indian Institute of Banking & Finance) offers a Digital Banking E-Learning certification program. It is a self-paced E-learning course.

IIBF has updated the digital banking certification exam workbook in 2024.

Digital Banking provides practising bankers a sound foundation in the principal products such as Cards, ATMs, Mobile & Internet Banking, POS, etc. This book not only elaborates the product features but also dwells upon the back-end process, security issues, etc. This book aims to make bankers understand the various types of payment systems in vogue as these systems form the backbone of all digital banking products. This book also features a separate module on digital technology and business developments to make the text more wholesome.

This book also features summaries, keywords, tests & answers at the end of each chapter. The Present Publication is the 2019 Edition, published exclusively by Taxmann, and incorporates the following contents:
Module A: Digital Banking Products
o Digital Banking Products
o Cards
o Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)
o Mobile Banking
o Internet or Online Banking
o POS Terminals
Module B: Branchless Banking
o Digital Banking & Financial Inclusion (FI)
Module C: Marketing of Digital Banking Products
o Marketing of Digital Banking Products
Module D: Payment Systems
o Developments in Payment Systems in India and Digital Banking
Module E: New Developments in Digital Banking
o Developments in Digital Technology & Business

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IIBF Digital Banking Workbook Latest Edition 2024

IIBF Digital Banking Certification Workbook[Latest Edition]

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