NISM Series 8 Equity Derivatives Free Mock Test

Introduction: NISM Series 8 Equity Derivatives Free Mock Test

NISM Series 8 Equity Derivatives Free Mock Test consists of 92 Multiple choice questions. The National Institute of Securities Market (NISM) conducts the NISM Series 8 – Equity Derivatives Certification Exam at NSE centres across different cities. This free mock test will give an idea of the level of questions being asked in the real exam. Take this demo of the NISM Series 8 Equity Derivatives Free Mock Test.

NISM Equity Derivatives Mock Test Free

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1. Cost of carry model states that ______________.

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2. Mr R wants to sell 17 contracts of January series at Rs.4550 and Mr S wants to sell 20 contracts of February series at Rs. 4500. Lot size is 50. The Initial Margin is fixed at 9%. How much Initial Margin is required to be collected from both these investors by the broker?

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3. If the liquid assets maintained by clearing member Mr. Ram are higher than that clearing member Mr. Shyam, which of the below options is/are true?

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4. The type of volatility which is derived from the option price and indicates the volatility expected over the life of the option is termed as ____________.

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5. Which of the following options on ABC Ltd stock with a strike price of Rs.500 has the highest time value?

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6. If price of a futures contract decreases, the margin account of the buyer of this futures contract is debited for the loss.

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7. A portfolio of Rs 25 lacs has a beta of 1.20. A complete hedge is obtained by __________

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8. Financial derivatives provide the facility for __________.

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9. Which of the following statements about interoperability of clearing corporations is TRUE?

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10. The buyer of an option cannot lose more than the option premium paid.

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11. Mr A buys an August futures contract of ICICI Bank at Rs 500. On the last Thursday of the month i.e., expiry, the last traded price in August futures is Rs 512 and the closing price in cash / spot market is Rs 510. What is the profit / loss of Mr if his position is sq-up by the exchange? Market lot of ICICI Bank is 250.

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12. All the orders entered on the Trading System of a Derivative Exchange are at Prices exclusive of brokerage. True or False?

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13. Under the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating of Financial Terrorism (CFT) regulations, suspicious transactions must be reported to ___________.

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14. You sold one XYZ Stock Futures contract at Rs. 278 and the lot size is 1,200. What is your profit (+) or loss (-), if you purchase the contract back at Rs. 265?

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15. In the KYC process, Politically Exposed Persons are termed as:

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16. The intrinsic value is the difference between Market Price and Strike Price of the option and it can never be negative.

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17. Operational risks include losses due to ____________.

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18. Which of the following costs is not actually paid by the market participants but arises due to lack of liquidity?

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19. Clearing corporation on a derivatives exchange becomes a legal counterparty to all trades and be responsible for guaranteeing settlement for all open positions.

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20. If an investor buys a call option with lower strike price and sells another call option with higher strike price, both on the same underlying share and same expiration date, the strategy is called ___________.

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21. _______ is a deal that produces profit by exploiting a price difference in a product in two different markets.

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22. An in-the-money option is _____________.

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23. An index option is a __________________.

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24. Put-call parity refers to the relationship between: ________.

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25. If the price of a stock is volatile, then the option premium would be relatively _______

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