Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are few questions which come to your mind while dealing with a financial planner. We have answered some of the questions related to Fee-Only Financial Planner in India. If your question is not listed below FAQs, you may ask us directly. We would love to answer your questions.

Get Started

How to get started with Negi Financial?

Get a no-charge introductory call. review our service page and explore other pages to know whether we are fit for your financial planning.

What is Fee-only financial advisory?

It is based on client situation and on the nature of complexity. We don’t sell any financial products, provides objective financial advice.

Do you have any criteria for minimum investment or minimum net worth?

We do not ask to give your financial assets with us and there is no minimum net worth requirement to avail our services. 

I am located in other city, Do you still give financial advice?

There is no location barrier for us. We take your data securely and provide you with advice irrespective your location.

How much does it cost for a complete financial plan?

It depends on the type of client. Please review our service page and fees page to get an idea which level of service you need and how much that level of charge will cost you.

You seems to be charged higher fees for a financial plan?

We are not charging the same fixed fees as we know that different people require a different level of service and our charges based on the complexity of your finances.

Do you provide financial advice on weekends?

Everyone wants the weekend timings for the client meetings. We give preference to those who are unable to meet us on weekdays.

Do you provide one time financial advice related to current financial situation?

Yes, we provide financial advice for those who need answers to a few questions related to their current personal finance. If you are not being served by traditional financial planners or advisors, we can help you provide solutions related to a particular area of your personal finance.

What is the comprehensive financial plan?

You get a whole picture of your financial life once you get a comprehensive financial plan. It includes Cash flow planning, Investment planning, Tax planning, Retirement planning, Insurance planning and Estate or succession planning. We help you to take control of your financial life.
It is also called holistic financial planning.

Whom do you serve or who is looking for a financial plan?

We do not serve any particular type of clients. Those who need objective financial advice and do not want sales and they want to avoid paying commissions which sell any third party products.

Helping individual achieving their goals

Identify your major financial goals, take action plan and take control of your financial life.