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Our financial planning fees are simple and fixed. It enables us to provide fiduciary investment advice to our clients. We don’t like to link fees to AUM (Assets under management). Fee-only financial planners believe that flat fees reduce conflict on interest.

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Financial Planning Fees FAQ

Read frequently asked questions about financial planning fees.

How often financial plan is reviewed?

A financial plan is generally reviewed every six months or end of financial planning engagement.

Do you provide Direct Equity advice in financial planning?

Financial planning includes every financial asset. We review all of your existing investments and provide investment advice. We don’t provide Direct Equity consultation. You need to contact a professional who provides Direct Equity Investment advice. Hire only professional who charges fee and not commission.

Do you recommend estate planning to wealthy individuals?

Estate planning helps each individual who has created substantial assets and wants them to transfer according to their choice. Estate planning is not exclusive to wealthy people.

How to take financial planning fees?

We adhere to SEBI regulations on how to take financial planning fees from clients.

What type of age groups you work with?

We work with every age group clients. We customize the financial plan according to client needs and requirements. We help all age groups of people.

How much is the charge for financial planning renewal?

Currently, We are charging half of the 1st-year engagement fees for a resident and non-resident Indians in case they renew their financial planning services with us. The fee will be increased by 10% after 2nd renewal onwards (i.e., from 3rd-year fees) until clients are officially engaged with us.