Financial Advisory Services

We provide comprehensive financial plan through our financial advisory services for Indian residents as well as Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) especially Merchant Navy/ Mariners  and any specific investment related financial advice.

Fee Only Financial Advisory Services

Investment Planning

It is the process of making effective investment strategies based on the financial goals & the risk appetite of the client.


Tax Planning

Tax planning involves making best use of various tax laws to optimize the tax exemptions, deductions etc.

Financial Planning

Complex situation arises while dealing with different clients, hence financial planning helps to identify what are the different aspects of your financial life.

Retirement Planning

It is the one of the most important aspect in financial planning. This focuses on planning for income based on current lifestyle post retirement.

Insurance Planning

It identifies the value of insurance required. What are the personal and professional risks and how to make a plan.

Will/Succession Planning

It ensures smooth transition of the assets to the right beneficiaries as per the wishes of the person.

Helping people achieve their financial goals through Fee only Financial Advisory Services

Once you identify your major financial goals, take an action plan towards achieve your goals and get the financial plan which includes investment planning, tax planning, cash flow planning, retirement planning, insurance planning and estate or succession planning.

Mutual Funds Advisory

We also assist clients to invest in mutual funds (Direct Plan only). We use NSE platform to provide zero commission mutual funds advisory from Dehradun, India.

Financial planning process

We have adopted FPSB six steps of financial planning for financial advisory services. FPSB’s Financial Planning Process consist of six steps that financial planning professionals use to consider all aspects of a client’s financial situation when formulating financial planning strategies and making recommendations.

financial advisory services