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Last updated Feb 13, 2022
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Dear Readers!

We have started a new blog today to educate, empower our readers to get more knowledge about financial planning or personal finance area.

The only reason to start a blog to spread financial awareness among Indian masses. Everyone faces challenges related to their money like where to invest, how to invest, how much to invest, understanding of financial products. We will share information in your language means that you can understand financial products easily.

There are different issues, challenges faced by individuals. We seek advice or learn from our known persons and sometimes do not give time to learn finance-related issues. In this blog, we will help you to understand the basics of finance related to managing your hard-earned money.

All of us face difficulties regarding our financial planning like tax planning, retirement planning, insurance, estate planning etc.

Have we ever considered how much we need for retirement, higher education of our children’s, planning for their weddings, planning to buy their own house?

Have you ever thought how much insurance we really need; some people are underinsured or over-insured and some people mix insurance with investments and end up paying huge premiums to companies and later regret their decisions.

Many people don’t know about the term and condition of their policies because it too complicated to understand.  So, we would help you by simplifying those terms for you to take the better decision yourself.

There are thousands of products available in the market, but how we would choose which would be suitable for us.

Many people are trapped to buy unnecessary products, they do not have any information about the product just by someone told them about returns they started investing.

We would like to know your opinions. Please leave your comment below and Happy reading!

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By Devendra Negi

Devendra Negi is a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser and Certified Financial Planner from Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. He helps individuals to achieve their financial goals through fee-only or advice-only financial planning and investment advice. He is a fee-only (advice-only) financial advisor and does not sell any financial products.

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  1. Devendra Negi

    We started our journey towards financial well-being awareness. We need to do it as a campaign. Keep reading and write your feedback.

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